Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crazy Casserole

Crazy Casserole Wednesday w/Steph!!!!
The Main Ingredient: TUNA!...& a bottle o' red...

1st attempt at a casserole; why!? Once you notice its 9:10pm and you've only had chips, salsa, and a few glasses of cab...a quick fix is in dire need!

My roommate, GG, introduced some of us to a family "comfort food" recipe a few months ago...a creamy tuna + egg noodle dish. One word=delish! 

As I googled "tuna egg noodle pea recipe", Steph helped me gather the ingredients I knew I had to make something comparable!

My guideline? This link:
(Honest: I clicked a random link, the 3rd or 5th link down the list, after the initial search...because the description had most of my ingredients)

Here are the only pictures I managed to capture:

Image #1 - Layered casserole once placed into the oven

Image #2 - Finished Product! (Thank You iPhone!)

Umm....WOW, with all of the substitutes, this STILL turned out GREAT. I will definitely recommend and use this recipe time & time again...Thank you Steph for all of your help and input, you're really becoming quite the chef

*A few notes*
(due to inventory issues...)
1. Used cream of broccoli instead of cream of mushroom
2. Used plain salted Pita Chips instead of Ritz crackers
3. No onion (used and extra 1/2 stalk of celery)
4. Used Lawry's Seasoning Salt instead of Old Bay
5. Added tons of "chopped onion" - the dried onion flakes in the seasonings section
6. Used 1/3 cup of cheddar & 1/3 cup of mozzarella instead of 1.5 cups of cheddar
7. Sprayed a PAM version of Olive Oil flavored oil during the last minutes of browning

Casseroles ROCK!
I've had a few before, enough to count on ONE hand...but after officially making one, I'm a huge fan (awesome for leftovers!!! Trey...)!

-Bon apetit! 

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  1. SO amazing... I had seconds... and then a small third. Well worth the overeating :)