Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Turkey bacon, caramelized onion, and cheese quesadilla

Another free lunch! Feels good to $ave!
Most of you will have these ingredients in your home (or something similar).
*I did not eat all of this...even though I was planning on it, along with a side of rice and beans*
I was planning on a soup for lunch today, healthy, filling...but the plain oatmeal I had for breakfast left me starving. So here are the ingredients I threw on the counter as soon as I walked in the house:
-2 large flour tortillas (the burrito size)
-1 teaspoon of oil
-Just under half an onion
-Shredded cheese of your choice
-Turkey bacon
-The secret ingredient
-Salsa, sour cream, or lime (optional)

1. Cut your turkey bacon into bite sized peices and cook in skillet with a teeny bit of oil until crispy (careful, these POP like crazy)
2. Remove and add the onion, cook until brown, soft, and smells delicious
3. Remove and place one tortilla onto the pan
4. Layer cheese, bacon, onion, more cheese, and the secret ingredient
5. Top off with second tortilla
6. Make sure to check on the bottom tortilla, once browned, carefully flip the quesadilla and brown to completion (this can get messy so be careful, two spatulas help ;P)

TADA, done!

I dipped mine in sour cream, salsa, and lime juice...TOTALLY OPTIONAL, it was delicious on its own!
Oh yea, and the secret ingredient:
This may not be the "healthiest" of lunches...however, it was thoroughly enjoyable :) Plus I have leftover to share with someone special!

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