Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Bang Bang" shrimp

"Bang-Bang Shrimp"

It's been years since I've eaten at Bonefish, however, there is a great place in town, Pacific Rim, that serves these "Pac Pac Shrimp" as an appetizer during happy hour for only $4.00! I feel ridiculous when I want to order multiple orders of this appetizer when I go I decided to try a copy-cat recipe I stumbled upon on Pinterest.

I SLIGHTLY modified the recipe from:

The only thing I did different was the breading process. Instead of coating shrimp in the breading mixture, egg, then breading mixture again...I coated the shrimp with cornstarch first, then dipped in egg, then in the breading mixture.

It's very important to cool the breaded shrimp for at least the 20 minutes...I allowed for about an hour (I had some time to spare). This made the frying process SO SIMPLE-no mess!!!!

I tried a few by pan frying before deep frying an entire pound....and both methods equaled perfection!!

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